Yep. We actually know hundreds of journalists. We do coffees, dinner parties, podcasts, and occasionally karaoke with them. Founded by a journalist, BAM Communications knows that relationships with media are critical. Fortunately, you can benefit from these important relationships by working with us.

Media Relations

By supplementing your news pipeline with a proactive approach and creativity, we keep you in the news consistently.
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Analyst Relations

Your prospects rely on industry analysts for critical decisions. At BAM, we engage your firm with the most respected analysts in your market.
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Media Training

Journalists are constantly looking for interesting and engaging commentary from knowledgeable sources. We prepare you.
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Crisis Management

Thinking ahead and anticipating what could go wrong in an industry and within a business can lend the best possible control of a situation for the best possible outcome.
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Corporate Comms & Strategy

Whether you need help coming up with your mission and vision, or handling day-to-day comms with internal and external shareholders, we can help.
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Influencer Relations

BAM’s team of influencer relations managers help our clients build relationships with target influencers in the media and beyond.
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Speaking Engagements and Awards

Thought leadership, like trust, is built over time. And once it’s established, it takes time and commitment to maintain.
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