Stories move the world.
We move stories forward.

BAM Communications is a communications agency that believes stories move the world. We move stories forward for technology-driven brands that challenge, change, and create entire industries.


A few ways we’ve moved stories forward.



We get it

We understand the demands and pace technology-driven brands face.

We Measure

We use robust data to show bottom line impact of our integrated media campaigns.

We raise

We introduce our technology-driven brands to our 400+ venture capitalists partners.


Our technology-driven brands span consumer tech, enterprise, health tech, fintech, AI, agtech, cybersecurity, and more.

“The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories.

 — Muriel Ruykeser


How we shape your story depends on the story you have and the story we uncover. A few of our tools:

PR and Media Relations

Yep. We actually know hundreds of journalists. We do coffees, dinner parties, podcasts, and occasionally karaoke with them. Founded by a journalist, BAM Communications knows that relationships with media are critical. Fortunately, you can benefit from these important relationships by working with us.


So what are you going to do when you get all of that media coverage? We can ensure your marketing efforts not only boost your media coverage but also support many facets of your marketing goals. Marketing is the ying to the PR yang, and you’ve come to the right agency.


You already know the world in digital: Every phone, laptop, and screen is a direct portal to your target customer. We help you communicate effectively across the digital landscape and have an in-house marketing team ready to guide you.

We shape our own story, too.

Media Coverage of BAM Includes:

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