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Selina Troesch Munster works as a Senior Associate with Touchdown Ventures, a firm that partners with large corporations in managing their venture capital programs. She pursued a career in venture capital to foster her passions of innovation and technology within the world of entrepreneurship. Selina’s pink, chic attire complements her confident personality that radiates in the VC ecosystem. Her daily habits and quirks have made her into the successful woman she is today. We sat down with Selina to learn about the everyday items she carries to fulfill her mantra – kill them with kindness, bright colors, and phenomenal organizational skills.

Journaling System

I have a color-coded journal that I use to keep myself accountable for maintaining healthy habits. I feel more organized when I have each day planned out, starting with my 6:00 am wake up goal and ending with my 10:30 pm bedtime. I track my steps and whether or not I exercise for at least 20 minutes. It makes me happy to know what worked and what didn’t when I look back at my week. I also monitor my daily water intake, so my Touchdown Ventures S’well water bottle is another everyday essential. However, it’s not all business and work. My journal has space for gratitude pages, mantras, lists of books I’ve read, and movies I’m eager to see. It’s therapeutic to keep everything in a journal!

Desk Accessories

I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my journaling without my favorite pens! My go-to writing utensils are the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and the Pigma Micron Pens. Along with this baggie of pens, I also carry around a Touchdown notebook. I’ve been in charge of ordering them for the firm each year and one small side perk to the job is that we always have nice Touchdown team gear! 

One Necessity 

I think the most important items are those that serve as a means of expression and allow for everyday creativity. So, yes, while my iPhone X, my Fresh Sugar Chapstick, and my car keys all live in my bag – my notebook is the one irreplaceable item. These pages hold windows into all facets of who I am.  

Tech Gadgets 

My two favorite productivity tools on my MacbookPro are the Airmail app and Marvin. I use Airmail for my email because it connects to all of my inboxes and includes a useful labeling system to write memos or set reminders. Marvin is my most recent discovery, and it’s become a key digital partner for my journal. It allows me to time-block and assign specific times to the items on my to-do list. Marvin has helped me stay on track with my tasks. I will admit a slight bias towards Swiss companies since I grew up visiting my family in Switzerland regularly – I like to stay connected to my roots! 

Cliché Workday Items 

My little Coach wallet is practical for the business world and is a great size because it fits into any clutch or shoulder bag. I always pack my keys: my house key, car keys, office key, and mail key. Aside from these essentials, the next most important item in my bag are my airpods. I find them so much more convenient than wired headphones. I use them for phone calls, music, and to listen to podcasts throughout the day. My favorite podcast right now is The Watch, which keeps me up to date on the latest entertainment news and trends. 

Personal Hygiene

I’m committed to straight and healthy pearly whites for my upcoming wedding, so that explains the Invisalign, Quip toothbrush, and toothpaste in my bag. I also keep a small multipurpose appliance in my bag called a Sphynx that rotates between a sprayer, a moisturizer, and a razor. It’s so valuable on days when I’ve missed a spot.

Want to learn more about Selina? Follow her on twitter @SelinaTroesch

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