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Amanda Groves is a Partner at PLUS Capital where she advises top celebrities on backing tomorrow’s game-changing startups. In a nutshell, she spends her days playing matchmaker between the brands that are ready to take over the world and the people that can help amplify them. We sat down with Amanda to learn about the gear she depends on to help her get through her busiest days.

A chocolate fix

I admittedly have a real sweet tooth issue. I’m addicted to chocolate in a serious way! Fortunately, I found this chocolate, Hu Kitchen, that is paleo-friendly and, in theory, mildly better for you than traditional chocolate. I always keep it in my bag. I actually aim to keep snacks with me, chocolate or otherwise, all the time because being hangry is not my best look!

Wellness essentials

This little green bottle holds my favorite supplements – they are called Daily Synbiotic by our portfolio company, Seed.. It’s a microbiome-focused company and their synbiotic – a prebiotic and probiotic combo – is a game changer. I take this size with me every day and while traveling, rather than the larger bottle. It really helps balance your entire digestive system and body – I don’t feel right without it!

I also swear by the Propolis Spray from Beekeeper’s Naturals. We invested in the company about a year and a half ago. At first, I wondered what was so special about bee products… bee pollen? Honey? So, I started learning more about the other ingredient in the spray,  propolis extract, which has amazing germ-fighting properties and is incredible for immunity. I take it along pretty much everywhere to support my immune system when I need a boost, especially when I’m traveling or meeting a lot people at events.

Oh! Another favorite that I always need with me. Sagely Naturals CBD headache roller. If you’re in a meeting and you feel a headache coming on – or if your day is just not going the way you want it to – you can simply roll it on your temples. It’s made from a few essential oils combined with a little bit of CBD oil and I feel so relaxed after using it. I always prefer to use something natural when I can, as opposed to popping an Aleve or something of that nature. At PLUS, we tend to look at a lot of companies in the CBD space, actually, and receive a bunch of innovative products. One of the companies I’m currently obsessed with is called Beboe; they make a pure CBD vape pen. It comes in a blueberry flavor and produces a really calming and relaxing effect, especially after a long day of travel.

Tech gear

AirPods. They are a necessity on the go, especially when trying to fit in phone calls between meetings. Although I think they look a bit dorky, they’re sort of a must. When it comes to cases, I have this Cuyana laptop bag. I love the brand and think the premise that they’re built on is amazing; purchasing fewer, better items is a practice that everyone should live by. Buying a bunch of cheap stuff over and over is not good for anyone, or the environment. Spend a little bit more to get higher quality things less often that you can keep forever. You may think this case looks trashed – I’ve had it forever and throw it around daily. But all it takes is a little wipe clean and it’s good as new.

I keep the iPad in my suitcase or at the office, not in my bag. I don’t feel the need to travel with every single device I own – it feels like a liability and I’m more likely to forget or lose one. I do love the iPad for reading, but everything else I do on my computer. I always keep a notebook and pen with me, too. I know a lot of people who don’t like to write with a pen and paper at all anymore, but that’s the way my memory works – I need to write things down. I’m crazy about to-do lists, so every day has a new list that I am writing by hand.

Hydration necessities, inside and out

Hydration is really important throughout my day, as well. I always have a beverage of some sort with me. Right now it’s the Dirty Lemon Turmeric Blend, which is so good – it tastes almost warm and just a little spicy. The concept is very cool – it reduces inflammation and enhances immune support.

Want to learn more about Amanda? Follow her on Instagram @amandagroves.

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