Originally from Idaho, Saramaya has a degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in communications from the University of Oregon. She got her start in PR at Edelman in Chicago, rising quickly through the ranks and working on healthcare and technology clients. After many winters in the Windy City, the West Coast called her back with its warmer weather. She worked remotely for Edelman, but eventually wanted to get back in an office environment and extend roots in San Diego. Saramaya joined BAM in 2016 to diversify her big brand experience with the fun and fast pace of startup mania.

At BAM, Saramaya is managing director of the firm’s growing health tech practice. She leads BAM’s marketing and communications campaigns for clients in enterprise and consumer healthcare technology, as well as related wellness and science industries.

Best advice I ever got: Don’t only deliver – add value. I was told this during my very first internship and it always stuck with me. It’s something I now tell not only interns, but all my teams. Being valuable goes above and beyond delivering the objectives we set out to achieve with a client or that someone asked of you, for example. It involves how people interact and trust each other, the candor and relationship formed, thinking steps ahead, etc.

Latest lesson learned: I’m continuously reminded how important it is to over-communicate and ensure alignment – and sometimes to just pick up the darn phone! This is valuable in all aspects of life.

Why media matters: Whether decades ago or in today‘s heated climate, media have always mattered. Media have a unique voice that critically impacts how people consume information and make decisions/opinions. As stories shape society and cultivate (or destroy) connections, media matters to the public and have a duty in staying at service to the truth.

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