Neha SinghManaging Director, BAMx

Neha Singh is the Managing Director of BAMx, the acceleration team of BAM Communications. She leads the BAMx team in providing startups and VCs with high-impact, modular PR and marketing support to achieve their short-term goals. 

Prior to BAM Communications, Neha led B2B, B2C, and B2B2C marketing efforts for VC-backed startups, brands, and agencies. As the head of marketing for tech startups like Jana and BevSpot, she developed data-driven marketing strategies to support rapid growth in domestic and global markets. She also served as the Marketing Sciences lead for FedEx at OMD focusing on audience insights and strategy. In 2018, Neha started her own consulting firm, NKS Consulting, where she provides strategic marketing support to VC- backed startups like Lola.com, Full Harvest, and Workstream.

Neha received her BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University. She is trained in Indian classical and folk style dances and her love of dance led her to serve as the CMO of Learn Bhangra, a dance and fitness company, for three years alongside her full-time job.

Best advice I ever got: My grandmother told me, “being honest is easy, being tactful is hard.”

Latest lesson learned: Leaders focus a great deal on intellect (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), but not their decency quotient (DQ). Having a high DQ implies you have a genuine desire to care for your colleagues beyond empathy and a focus to do right by others.

Best BAMf moment: Meeting my BAMx team for the first time in-person in NYC after months of video chat and phone calls.

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