Matt Russell oversees a number of the agency’s B2B accounts. He brings many years of experience in startup, corporate and B2B public relations. His former clients include Fortune 500 corporations, established cybersecurity companies and well-funded blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Matt has designed and managed brand storytelling campaigns, supported company launches and led media relations activities resulting in extensive national, local and trade press coverage.

Matt studied communications through a wide variety of lenses and earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from Penn State University. After college, he worked in broadcast news production before transitioning into public relations.

Best part of Matt’s role: I’ve been lucky enough to work with some outstanding startup teams whose missions I truly respect. Often, those organizations have a great product or idea but trouble effectively articulating it. The best part of my job is taking the time to learn about the team and their mission, breaking it all down and finding a way to succinctly convey why what they’re doing matters to the public.

What Matt reads: The internet and news reader apps have made it very easy to get a balanced media diet, but if I had to pick a favorite paper I’d say the New York Times. But that’s really only for the crossword and the Sunday magazine. I love nonfiction and fiction just the same and try to complement one with the other when reading for pleasure.

One top career highlight: Career highlights come frequently in the form of securing media hits large and small, meeting campaign targets and helping organizations meet their goals.

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