Lauren is the rare breed who lives and breathes news and events happening in the media, with the unique ability to motivate others around her to develop the same passion. Her experience covers several B2B technology sectors including wireless, marketing technology, education, telecommunications, healthcare, cybersecurity and IT. Skilled in managing and executing integrated communications programs designed to address corporate objectives, Lauren is a board-level contact who also continues to maintain relationships with media and analysts. She leads BAM’s account servicing team to ensure its PR programs create a meaningful return.

Lauren has experience both launching startups from stealth and changing market perception for public companies. Under her leadership, companies begin to shine even in a crowded market. Lauren studied English and studio art at Wheaton College.

Best part of Lauren’s role: This team of BAMFs! Getting to work alongside a dedicated, talented group of PR professionals is what drives me.

What Lauren reads: I’m a leadership junky, so I’m constantly refreshing FastCo, Entrepreneur, and Forbes for new profiles. I’m also a big fan of Adam Bryant’s NYT Corner Office series. Recode Decode and NPR’s How I Built This are my podcast go-tos. Oh, and Harry Potter. On repeat.

One top career highlight: To this day, nothing beats the feeling of securing the perfect piece of coverage for a client. I still vividly remember scoring my first business press profile for a tech startup in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. It was a rush!

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