Katie moved to California in 2003 to open the San Diego office for a boutique technology PR firm in Chicago. In 2005 she joined LEWIS, a global integrated communications agency, where she spent 12 years managing global campaigns for B2B and B2C technology companies and then overseeing LEWIS’ operations in Southern California. Katie has experience designing and managing PR, digital, content and research campaigns. Her experience includes IT infrastructure, IoT, mobile app, wireless, security and healthcare technologies.

At BAM, Katie manages the agency’s strategy and lends strategic support across the agency’s account base.

She has a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Iowa.

Best part of Katie’s role: I enjoy the variety of agency life. Some days are full of meetings and others call for a lot of writing on deadline. I believe the PR industry attracts people who find it gratifying to navigate chaos. The switch from strategic thinking to task-mastering is flipped several times in a single day. It’s hard not to have fun amidst so much activity.

What Katie reads: The New York Times for its reporting and New York Magazine for its attitude. I listen to NPR every time I’m in a car for its no-nonsense approach. Outside of work, Vanity Fair has my heart. I grew up pining for the careers of its feature writers and in awe of their voices.

One top career highlight: Leading a team to win a sales pitch to a room of 14 decision-makers at a large brand. The rush!

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