Originally from Pleasanton, California, Jill moved to Hollywood to start her career in radio promotions. A few years later, she moved to the legal industry by accepting a role managing a reputable criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. While there, Jill discovered a passion for working with underserved youth. This led her to an opportunity to facilitate a mentorship program in Los Angeles County for reformed gang members and incarcerated youth ages 14 to 18. 

Jill recently joined BAM after 13 years in law, seeking a more creative industry but wanting to leverage her operations experience to contribute to the agency’s already rapid growth. At BAM, she handles day-to-day operations and general business management, balancing HR, finance and logistics responsibilities while leading team morale to positively influence BAM’s culture.

Best advice I ever got: This advice didn’t come from someone I know personally, I read it in a book or heard it on a podcast (I can’t recall). I’ve never loved the saying “everything happens for a reason.” I understand the philosophy behind it and why so many people subscribe to this idea but it doesn’t resonate with me. For me, what resonates is choosing to believe that life is happening FOR me and not TO me. I don’t have to make sense of every obstacle, challenge, setback, win or success in life but I benefit so much more from all of my life experiences when I choose to see them as a way for me to grow, expand and evolve. This removes any notion I could have of being a victim of my own life. This simple shift reminds me that I have agency in all things and that shift has brought me immense freedom.

Latest lesson learned: The value of vulnerability. Too often, vulnerability is viewed as weakness. When vulnerability comes from a place of authenticity, there is no greater strength and no faster path to a meaningful connection to others.

Tech obsession right now: Instagram – forever and always. It’s a visual diary of my life. I’m not great at journaling but I can look back through my Instagram feed/Instastories and I’m instantly transported to a particular moment that brought me great joy, connection or reflection. I love the ability to connect with people close to me as well as the broader community through photos, videos, music, and my voice. 

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