Originally from Pleasanton, California, Jill moved to Hollywood to start her career in radio promotions. A few years later, she moved to the legal industry by accepting a role managing a reputable criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. While there, Jill discovered a passion for working with underserved youth. This led her to an opportunity to facilitate a mentorship program in Los Angeles County for reformed gang members and incarcerated youth ages 14 to 18. 

Jill recently joined BAM after 13 years in law, seeking a more creative industry but wanting to leverage her operations experience to contribute to the agency’s already rapid growth. At BAM, she handles day-to-day operations and general business management, balancing HR, finance and logistics responsibilities while leading team morale to positively influence BAM’s culture.

Best part of Jill’s role: Getting to interact with our team! I absolutely love human interaction, it’s what fuels me. Working with and being surrounded by a team of creative, powerhouse women is endlessly motivating.

What Jill reads: What Jill listens to, is more like it! I spend a lot of time driving and LOVE Audible, the app, since it allows me to listen to books in my car. I most recently listened to “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. I love books written by entrepreneurs, trail blazers, and individuals who live extraordinary lives. I’ll listen to anything that sparks me to think differently, take a risk, or to live bigger and bolder.

One top career highlight: I was recruited by a former Deputy District Attorney to help grow his private law firm. In three years we grew our fledgling firm of two team members to one of the most successful and sought after boutique defense firms in California. I credit my experience, professionalism and expertise to one of the contributing factors to our firm’s success.

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