Gabie joined BAM in 2017 to lead the agency’s East Coast office in New York, with responsibility for ensuring account management meets BAM’s high standards of service. She oversees the company’s New York team, balancing the management of campaigns for B2B and B2C companies with seeking interesting new companies to add to BAM’s client roster.

Prior to BAM, Gabie joined Codeword to gain experience in the fast-paced world of tech PR. She handled B2B and B2C accounts before taking over management of Codeword’s PR team and driving the company’s new business efforts. Gabie started her career at advertising technology company Outbrain where she worked in the company’s marketing department. Born in New York City as a first-generation American, Gabie speaks English, Russian and French. Gabie earned her B.A. in International Relations and a B.S. in Communications, as well as a minor in French from Boston University.

Best part of Gabie’s role: I get to be entrepreneurial. As a New Yorker who loves rapid-fire pace, the constant shifting and evolution of the startup world serves me well.

What Gabie reads: I receive dozens of email newsletters each day, which I scan on the train. Soaking up knowledge in this way helps me feel positive and powerful, and improves my work because I’m always up on who writes what, and where. Outside of work I reread the Harry Potter books constantly. The series inspired me to read as a child. I’m a workaholic, so my investment in the characters is a fun escape. Fun fact: I used to write Harry Potter fan fiction. Nerd alert!

One top career highlight: The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the site of a company I worked for. Being in the war room and on the front lines managing the media in realtime was stressful but exhilarating. Showing weakness and responsibility can be scary, but I was on a team that managed it well. We did not lose any business as a result of the way we handled it, nor let the situation harm our brand’s public perception in the long-term. What a day that was.

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