A citizen of both the US and the UK, Emily split her childhood between San Diego, England and Germany. She joined BAM several years ago as an intern and rose through the ranks to manage some of the agency’s most exciting B2B and B2C clients. Em handles campaign strategy while managing media outreach and the placement and drafting of compelling content. Her focus areas are consumer and lifestyle product companies, along with healthcare and mobile technologies.

Best part of Emily’s role: I like working to get one company into many types of media through targeted, effective storytelling. A new water bottle, for example, appeals to travel, women’s interest, lifestyle, sustainability, sports and business media. A PR person’s job is never-ending, but only because there are never-ending opportunities to be creative.

Favorite media outlet: Most top tech blogs including TechCrunch, Mashable, DigitalTrends and CNET. I read Fast Company for its in-depth stories on startups. They cover the companies behind the products, not just reviews. And they cover topics related to art and design, which are up my alley.

One top career highlight: I perform best when an out-of-the-box approach is required. We promoted a one-of-a-kind product once for which we could not get any interest. We were baffled! We switched our focus to the product’s designer, and this led to a windfall of meaningful coverage – and a photo shoot with one of the world’s top models with the product. BAM!

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