Brenda Manea, a Southern California native, joined BAM in 2014 and has worked her way up from Intern to Account Manager. She has experience leading campaigns for B2B, consumer tech, lifestyle, and entertainment brands, securing consistent coverage in top-tier mainstream, business, and tech publications. Brenda’s passionate about working with companies to lock down their narrative and find creative ways to share their stories through the power of the media.

Latest lesson learned: Slowing down can be mighty powerful. It’s easy to get swept away into the fast-paced world we live in, but requiring myself to slow down helps me soak up and enjoy the best parts of life, rather than racing right through them.

Favorite ABL (Always Be Learning) goal right now: I grew up in a Romanian family, learning the language and speaking it regularly throughout my childhood. I’ve lost a good portion of the language in my adult life and committed to completing a full course via DuoLingo to get it back. I reach my goal of practicing for 30 days in a row and am now on my way to hitting 60!

Best BAMF moment: Our agency-wide goal is to help get startups off the ground by crystalizing their story and making it known. I once received a call from a reporter I had never worked with at the Wall Street Journal, asking to connect with a client of mine for commentary around critical new government regulations that directly backed this client’s solution. This was proof that my team had built a substantial media footprint for this startup – a footprint that was large enough for the WSJ to notice.

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