We have a lot of ways to move stories forward. Our techniques include:

PR and Media Relations

BAM knows media relations. Founded by a journalist, we know the secret is in the story. The right message for each target audience, delivered via the right channel at the right time, is what gets the jobs done. Brands face greater competition than ever before. To stand apart, having a team that knows how to find relevance with the media agenda is critical. Learn More.


A marketing strategy is critical for any business looking to grow. It serves as a roadmap to your goals that provides direction, defines obstacles and gives you a clear picture of your destination. With a strategic plan of action in place, your team knows exactly what they’re working together to achieve, the tactics to deploy, and how to measure success.


BAM’s marketing team analyzes our clients’ industries to identify the best platforms to meet their goals. Through targeted digital campaigns, we help our clients communicate effectively on the channels their target audiences use most.

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