A good media relations campaign will deliver consistent opportunities for a company’s executives to speak to reporters or contribute written content for potential publication in a news article. Journalists are constantly looking for interesting and engaging commentary from knowledgeable sources. However, a conversation with media presents a powerful opportunity to ensure people take notice of what you have to say. It’s best to be armed with best practices and to be aware of potential pitfalls to ensure an impactful, positive outcome.


BAM is well versed in developing practiced spokespeople. We have prepared C-level, engineering, marketing, sales, and human resources professionals with the skills to navigate everything from a product launch to a crisis, either by phone, in writing or on camera.

Our Media Training includes assisting our clients with:

  • Having confidence in having the right words, tone, facial expressions and body language
  • Clearly defining key messages
  • Developing prepared responses to difficult questions
  • Using blocking and bridging techniques to retain control and to return to key message points
  • Be quoted accurately
  • Conveying a corporate narrative that will yield impactful media coverage
  • Tying to a journalist’s interests for inclusion in a desired earned media opportunity
  • Looking the best in recorded or live on-camera interviews

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