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MAY 16, 2019
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The Sessions

8:30am-9: 30 am PT: Breakfast and networking

Location: Cafe

Meet your peers and enjoy a hearty breakfast by Erin C: Farm Hand Kitchen:

9:30am-9: 45 am PT: Opening remarks | Cafe

We’ll cover the three goals of the day as well as intro ourselves and thank our sponsors

9:45am-10:00am PT: 30 second introductions | Cafe

We’ll go quickly around the room to make sure everyone has a face to each name

Moderated: Judene Small (Head of VC Relations) of BAM Communications

10:05am-11:15am PT: Break out 1: Tricks of the trade

Session 1: Brand Early, Not Often: A Look Inside Red Antler’s Branding Philosophy

How has Red Antler created Casper, Red Antler, Brandless and more? Learn it in this revealing session.

Led by: Molly Martell (Strategy Lead at Red Antler)

Location: Room with a View


Session 2: Getting to Partner

How can your role in communications and marketing evolve to partner at a fund? Here’s how Jodi did it and how to measure your role.  

Led by: Jodi Olsen (Communications Partner at GV)

Location: Whiskey Room/Game Room

11:20am-12:05pm PT: Q&A with 4 Journalists: Cafe

Bring your questions to our panel of four top tier journalists for an open discussion

Moderated by: Gabie Kur (GM) of BAM Communications

12:10pm-12:50pm PT: Lunch Cafe
1:00pm-2:15pm PT: Break out 2: Nuts and bolts

Session 1: Beyond the funding announcement in TechCrunch

What else can your portfolio companies go after to raise their brand profile once they got a splash of media? Get an inside look at several case studies on how to media coverage, even without “news”

Led by: Beck Bamberger (Founder and CEO) and Gabie Kur (GM) of BAM Communications


Session 2: How to get media results AND measurement

How can your startups and your fund use tools (from the free to the paid) to actually get media placements and then understand what impact the media placements had? Learn the whole array of tools available in the market today and who they are best for.

Led by: Mike (BAM Communications) and Greg Galant (Founder and CEO of MuckRack)

Location: Room with a View

2:20pm-3: 20 pm PT: Break out 3: Your Role in Funds

Insight into how VC Comms professionals can integrate themselves into the investment pipeline through research, company media analysis, etc.

Led by Natalie Dillion

Location: Whiskey/ Game Room


Session 2: Measuring PR and Marketing Campaign Success

Quantifying PR success has been subject to debate over the years. And we know that funding and recognition goes to the job functions that contribute to revenue. Mike Melvin and Natalie Schoen will lead a roundtable discussion on how to show business impact from your marketing/PR initiatives.

Lead by: Mike Melvin (Director of Marketing at BAM) <> Natalie Scheon

Location: Room with a View

3:30-5pm PT: Office hours and troubleshooting | Cafe

Sign up on the day of the gathering for 15-minute slots with individual journalists, meet with BAM Communications on any PR related questions, gather for a guided discussion with peers to share best practices, or take a break to catch up on emails and calls.

5:00pm-6:00pm PT: Happy Hour | Cafe

Join your peers to celebrate the day, chat about best practices, and make further relationships

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