If this isn’t your first rodeo with PR, you’ll understand us when we say many companies can deliver strategy, but not all can produce ROI and prove it.


BAM Insights offers companies a suite of tools that quantify the business impact of PR, measuring bottom-line impact of your company’s earned media coverage and share of voice. We discover which articles drive traffic and revenue. We identify brand-building content. We provide you with competitive analysis. This lets us analyze and execute with agility and strategically shape our approach. Our PR analytics capabilities ensure we increase efficiency and improve output while ensuring transparency on how your PR budget is working for you.

BAM Insights provides you with:

  • Campaign reporting via meaningful PR analytics
  • Read-only integration with Google Analytics tracks traffic, but also engagement
  • Share of voice comparison
  • Competitive tracking
  • Colorful charts and graphs often used in board meeting presentations that clearly demonstrate the ROI of PR

Other services we offer:

All it takes is a great story.

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