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It takes a BAMf (badass motherf*cker) to run marketing and PR in the startup world. Sometimes though, even BAMfs need help. We’re tackling your biggest, hairiest problems on our new podcast, Dear BAMf. 

This advice column-style podcast lets you anonymously hit us with your hardest questions. Think Dear Sugars, but for marketing and PR pros. We’ll respond on our show with 100 percent real talk, and real solutions. Each 30-minute episode will include guest hosts who are absolute BAMfs in the industry, so they can speak from experience. Here’s just a sneak peek at who will be joining our first few episodes: 

Submit your Dear BAMf podcast questions online, and we’ll take it from there. Don’t be shy, either. We want to hear the ugly truth because chances are, there’s another BAMf somewhere dealing with the same problem. 

Our first episode will air on May 25 via our blog. Mark your calendar,  tune in, and welcome to your newest podcast addiction.

Want to hear more professional advice from BAMfs?

Check out our latest AMA webinar with CNBC, Forbes and Tech Crunch. On it, reporters talked about what sort of stories they’re interested in during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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