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To say that Bá Minuzzi is a powerhouse is an understatement. The young, female immigrant is the Chief Everything Officer at TwinPeaks Family, Founder & General Partner at Babel Ventures and Co-founder at Ausum Ventures. Her specialty is high-impact founders that are quite literally trying to solve the world’s problems. Fueled largely by hard-boiled eggs and Brazilian music, you’re just as likely to find her on the go in six-inch heels as you are to find her meditating. Here’s a look at an average day for this anything but average VC.

4:30 AM
I wake up around 4:30 or 5:00 AM and start listening to music right away. Mostly Brazilian music. I love Ivete Sangalo – a badass Brazilian singer. I’m from Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil. Next, I usually warm up with a few jumps before my workout to help me wake up and raise my energy level.

5:30 – 7:00 AM
I meet with my trainer for an hour-long workout. When I get home, I make hard-boiled eggs for breakfast to-go, shower and get dressed for work. I only wear the color black every day, which I swear by. It’s professional, simple and helps me save time when choosing clothes. Plus heels – those are my other wardrobe staple.

7:00 AM
I get to work around 7:00 because I like to get started in the office before everyone else arrives. The first thing I do is check email and go over tasks for the day. I use a task management app called Monday. It’s amazing, but it also drives me crazy. I have so many tasks to do and different teams I work with – everything is in there. I spend my first two hours on the app going through my list for the day.

9:00 AM
Around 9:00, I finally eat the eggs because I usually forget to do so until then. My team actually has a good laugh about my hard-boiled egg habit. After I eat, I dive into meetings. I also make time to talk with my team on breaks, whether on a quick walk or over coffee, because I’ve found that connecting with them is so important. I used to stay in my office trying to get as much work done as possible all morning without giving much attention to the team. Once I made the shift, I noticed that spending more time together changed everything. Even if I have to work longer to make up for the breaks, it’s worth it. We walk a lot, too. I usually opt to take a walk during a meeting instead of sitting in a conference room.

12:00 PM
I go to Central Kitchen nearby for lunch, usually three days a week. It’s so easy and I always order their pasta. A few other people from our team normally join me. If we have any casual meetings lined up for the week, we schedule them there during lunch. I try to keep lunches to 45 minutes so I’m only out for an hour from start to finish. On the other two days, I stay at the office and skip lunch to save time – sometimes I have more eggs.

1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
More meetings and calls, usually back-to-back all afternoon. Afterwards, I block time for other quick one-on-one check-ins with my team, really with whoever needs to connect with me following our afternoon meetings and before end of day.

7:00 PM
If I have a meeting at 7:00 or 8:00 PM on the books, I schedule them at Blowfish because I can walk there from our office and head back afterwards to wrap up for the day. Plus, I love sushi.

8:00 PM
By now, I’m normally done with meetings, but I stay at the office a little longer to focus on answering emails from the day. Between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, I head home.

10:00 PM
At home, I take time to decompress with a 20-minute meditation and a savasana practice for 10 or 15 minutes. My coach taught me how and It was so hard at first, but now I do it every day. For meals on evenings I haven’t eaten during a dinner meeting, I normally eat a shake with whey protein. It’s not because I don’t like to eat, I just don’t know how to cook! Later, I check Instagram for a little bit before showering and starting to wind down. This is when I always make time to read, too. I switch from day to day between personal development and business books. Right now I’m reading “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan which is very, very interesting. I’m also finishing “Give and Take” by Adam Grant. I don’t go to bed without reading a minimum of 20 pages of each book.

12:00 AM
By midnight, I’m in bed.

Want to learn more about how Bá spends her time? Follow her on Twitter @ba_minuzzi and on Instagram @baminuzzi.

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