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If anyone were to walk into any of the BAM offices, the first thing they would notice, aside from the various artwork covering the office walls, would be that there is almost always music playing. This music is brought to you by the daily “office DJ”, a very prestigious position here at the San Diego Head Quarters. Believe it or not, being the office DJ comes with a lot of responsibility. Is the music too loud? Does everyone like my music? Am I playing too many Drake songs?

To solve these problems, we decided to create a playlist on Spotify made by BAM, for BAM. Every member of the BAMily were asked to write down their top 3 go-to songs that either put them in a great mood or help them get in the zone when they really need to get things done.

For example: Managing Director, Jered, without hesitation chose Fantasy by Mariah Carey as his go to song because “Fantasy is my Fri-Fri anthem. I listen to it on my way to work EVERY week”

Founder and CEO, Beck, chose Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson as well as Rap God by Eminem because she says “Nothing gets you more fired up than Manson’s raspy, raw cover of Depeche Mode’s 90s hit ‘Personal Jesus.’ The guitar riffs are utterly fantastic, too. “.

As you might expect from a diverse company like BAM, our playlist turned into a 46 song, 10+ genre collection of music stretching from 1987-2018. Our playlist really has it all. It is the Dwayne Johnson of playlists. It will make you happy, it can make you cry, it will make you laugh, and after the 30th song/movie you will wonder how many more hits are left. But don’t you worry, just like The Rock, our playlist is here to stay.


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