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Pull up a chair for our Digital PR Bootcamp!



Founders, CMOs, and marketing heads: Are you trying to get the media interested in your company and don’t know where to start? Our two-hour Digital PR Bootcamp will give you a full set of tools and resources to help you get started on securing press. We’ll cover:

  • What is PR? Why it is important, what you’ll get out of today’s bootcamp
  • Are you ready for PR? (assessment)
  • What’s your company’s actual message? (worksheet)
  • What stories do you have to tell? (worksheet)
  • DIY your own press (worksheet)
  • PR pitfalls and “PR in one graph” visual
  • How to prepare for a PR Crisis
  • Who talks? Media training in a nutshell
  • Hiring a PR team? Whom to hire and when
  • Recap and questions



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