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Augmented reality is gaining steam in the tech world, and the demand we are seeing from AR companies everywhere has made this a big area of focus for us here at BAM. To put things in perspective, the mobile AR market could become the primary driver of a projected $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021. Tech giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon all see the potential of AR and are constantly competing to release new AR technology.

Keeping this in mind, we can make a few predictions for how this relatively new technology category will progress. First and foremost, from smartphones to household appliances, the integration of AR into our everyday lives has a lot of ground to cover. Even the largest tech companies are in the early experimental stages. Integration is happening, but the price for people to take advantage of it is too high for the average consumer. What we can predict is that these giants will certainly be the ones to pave the way in terms of making AR more affordable for all.

As AR becomes more integrated into our lives, it will also start to become a natural accessory to how we live, as opposed to something that feels out of place or disruptive. Examples of how this will happen include products that simplify your morning routine or make your long commute to work more efficient. Kids are already being introduced to STEM at younger ages, and will soon learn about the not-so-complicated world of AR at younger ages as well, making integration seamless from the start.

There is a constant debate around whether technologies like AR, VR and AI will replace our human workforce in the future. While many existing jobs have the potential to be automated or made more efficient with the help of robotics, humans play a crucial role in the business world that won’t be replaced anytime soon. Emotion and intuition have a great impact in various areas of the workforce. Even as AR becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it won’t have the capability to replace all jobs completely.

The future of AR is exciting. The industry is growing and will only enhance the way we live our lives each day. We are intrigued to see the innovations of both tech giants and startups in the coming years. AR, we are ready for you!

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