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Media is a heavy player in the technology industry and it has ignited public discourse about sensitive topics like equal pay and diversity, broadcasted the downward spiral of startups such as Uber, and spurred the rise of cyber currencies and artificial intelligence.

The largest companies in the world are more susceptible to media attention; even a single disgruntled employee can ignite a media frenzy. Over the last two weeks Google has faced serious media attention following the circulation of a memo, written by James Damore, criticizing Google’s diversity program and claiming gender stereotypes. In this situation, both the company and person involved are being inundated by the media.

Once the media had their hands on the memo, the uproar began. Discussions and analysis from all sides surfaced including women who felt attacked by the memo, workplace equality, the “true” reasons Damore was fired, and whether it was right or wrong to fire him. The varying opinions the situation created a web of commentary.

The conversation surrounding media and its relation to the technology industry is not finished. Want to hear more?

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