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Meltwater recent acquired an Oxford University spin-out called Wrapidity to add AI to its media monitoring capabilities. This raises interesting questions for the PR industry, which Meltwater serves. The self-described “media intelligence” company intelligently spotted the value in a company that automates the extraction of data from unstructured web-based content. Meltwater’s large global customer base and massive collection of historical data can help further Wrapidity’s own AI technology for an outcome that will eventually make media monitoring much, much smarter.

Sure, automation will eliminate some jobs. But it will create others. And the jobs eliminated by automation will enable an organization to address bigger challenges and make more of an impact. In the world of PR, AI can’t write – at least not this year. But there is a role for AI with routine tasks in which there is far greater meaning than that which we’ve currently been able to extract.

Imagine a tool that can navigate web content, intuit what the content is about, and extract data in a structured way that will produce accurate, impactful and fast media monitoring. Pretty cool, huh?

I’d settle for more relevant and contextual media monitoring. But imagine being able to answer the question every client asks of its PR agency: How can I justify my PR spend? Voila. Buckle up, we’re in for a game changer.

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