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In the public relations industry, we send a lot of emails and the importance of virtual communication etiquette can’t be stressed enough. Hitting the “send” button inbetween 50-100 emails a day with recipients ranging from media to clients and teammates means we’re experts in this field. Here are 3 things everyone should know about email etiquette:

1. Pair the greeting with the recipient.
Emailing a friend or family member? Go with something casual and friendly like “Hey there,” or “Hey (NAME).” If the e-mail needs to be a tad more formal, I suggest “Hi (NAME),” This is friendly but slightly more formal than “hey.” Avoid “Hello” and “Madam/Sir,” which are too formal and cold in most cases.

2. Double check spelling, especially names.
This is a no-brainer. Use spell check features and double check your recipient’s name spelling. Many people get very irritated when they get an email sent to “Britany” instead of “Brittany.”

3. Use proper punctuation.
If you’re crafting a formal email, be sure to use commas, colons, and periods wherever necessary. Punctuation helps make your message clear and nothing says informal like lacking punctuation. Also, use exclamation points sparingly! (See what I did there?)

By sticking to these 3 core rules, you’ll greatly improve your emailing skills and impress everyone in the office and in your social circle.

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