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Motivation. It’s what gets us up out of bed in the morning, what pushes us to seek out our highest potential, and what leaves us feeling fulfilled when we lay our heads down at night. For some, it comes naturally. For others, perhaps it’s factors that “drive” them or the passion that provokes the feeling of, “I want that so bad, I’ll do anything to get it,” that is simply “missing” from their day-to-day lives.

When it comes to your job, two things are essential. The first is strategy – to make sure you’re heading in the right direction and focused on the most valuable opportunities. The second is motivation – to perform with speed, positivity, efficiency and drive to achieve great things. PR and marketing are not exceptions to this rule. In fact, I have found that in comparing my workday to friends in different industries, my job sometimes requires more self-guidance and the need for self-motivation to remain high, because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, as well as defeated in our PR efforts.

Don’t get me wrong – even the most motivated people can get in a slump at times too. With that said, here are some of my tips and tricks for staying motivated and showcase your very best self, both on the job and in life:

1. See the value of your role: Understanding why your particular job matters within the company and being able to identify what it is that you bring to the table increases the value you place on your job and, in turn, makes you feel empowered. Many studies have proven that an employee’s self-perceived value is directly correlated with his or her productivity. This is also a result of your supervisor’s and colleagues’ perceived value of you as well.

2. Remind yourself of your strong points: Even the most ambitious people get down on themselves, focusing more on the things they didn’t do right, over what they did. It’s imperative to be your own cheerleader. Remind yourself of what you do well or share an accomplishment or positive client feedback with a colleague or friend. No joke – I have a “feel good” folder in my email inbox where I keep “happy client” or “pat-on-the-back” emails. Reference that folder whenever you hit a slump and remind yourself that it’s natural to have ups and downs.

3. Failing to plan is planning to fail – don’t do it: Going into a day with a list of to-do items but no real time-frame or plan as to when all of it will get done is pretty much guaranteeing that you won’t be making the most efficient use of your time.  It also leaves you feeling discombobulated and overwhelmed without a clearly defined “checklist” of work. Use the last 20 minutes of your day to plan your following workday. The next morning, you never know what pressing email will be in your inbox or what meeting will get pushed up to earlier, leaving your to-do-list-making lost in the abyss of the day, along with your motivation.

4. Thoughts become things – choose the good ones! Probably one of my all-time favorite mantras. It’s true – you manifest the things in your life based on your perception. Keeping a positive mentality, filled with optimism and a “can-do” attitude, not only tricks your mind into thinking more things are possible, but also is contagious to the people in your environment.

This goes hand-in-hand with goals you have set for yourself. Working towards something you can visualize is much easier (and motivating!) than going through the motions, hoping “something” will eventually come from it.

And with that… have a productive day, my friends!



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