Originally from Idaho, Saramaya has a degree in journalism with an emphasis in PR and a minor in communications from the University of Oregon. She got her start in PR at Edelman in Chicago, rising quickly through the ranks and working on healthcare and technology clients. After many winters in the Windy City, the West Coast attracted her with warmer weather. She worked remotely for Edelman, but eventually missed an office environment. Saramaya joined BAM in 2016 to diversify her big brand experience with the fun and fast pace of startup mania.

At BAM, Saramaya leads healthcare and security technology clients, creating PR campaigns in support of their corporate and marketing goals.

Best part of Saramaya’s role: I love working with younger companies. They are very invested in the day-to-day, so we’re often ingrained internally on the client side. Teamwise, I find the a-ha moments in coaching my team very rewarding. It’s amazing to watch their talent and client relationships grow.

What Saramaya reads: The Skimm efficiently aggregates what I need to know and lets me compare what sources are saying on related topics. I also enjoy reading autobiographies of entrepreneurs to help me understand their psyche. “Shoe Dog,” by Nike founder and Oregon alum Phil Knight, is one of my favorites. Lastly, while it’s not my primary news source, BuzzFeed helps me unwind.

One top career highlight: After learning of an unfortunate crisis involving road rage and a civilian shooting, one client’s media reputation was on the line. I was able to quickly confirm our crisis response plan to cease all new media interests and correct existing stories, collaborate with local authorities, inform our client’s customers in the appropriate timeline and context, and ensure internal employees understood the situation and how to respond. Success is achieved when well-laid plans deliver the best possible outcome. I won’t forget that experience anytime soon.

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