Super Power: Making media weak in the knees and fall to her discretion

Experience: Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Gisela “G” is a Loyola Marymount University graduate with a B.A. in Business Marketing. She has worked in PR since the day she graduated and has acquired a solid six years of experience working with a vast array of clients in different industries.

G began her career  at an entertainment PR firm in Los Angeles where she spent two years working with both corporate and talent clients such as Perez Hilton, Pascal Mouawad and Unite Hair Care securing coverage nationwide, including Good Morning America and US Weekly.

In her hunt for the perfect opportunity, Gisela aimed at her target and hit the bullseye when she joined BAM Communications in San Diego. She immediately fell in love with her colleagues and diverse range of clientele in the tech and lifestyle industries. Gisela has been a part of the BAM team for more than four years, and as a Senior Account Manager, she has worked with a number of emerging, successfully funded startups including The ONE Music Group, Leesa Sleep, Brio, Monsoon, Stantt and more.

Pitching media is her strong suit and ultimate passion, and therefore, her list of secured media is stellar. You can find her clients featured in major top-tier publications such as Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Consumer Reports, Men’s Health, SELF, and Playboy to name a few.

Her strong attention to detail and ability to sympathize with others allows Gisela to turn a negative situation into a positive and break through to even the toughest editors and producers around the country.

When Not Dominating The PR And Marketing World: In her free time, Gisela enjoys working out and staying active. When she’s not at the beach or doing Pilates, you can find her catching up with friends and spending time with her Mexican/Bulgarian family… and Portuguese Waterdog, Dolce, of course. She’s a firm believer that “everything happens for a reason” and is grateful for everything and everyone in her life that makes her smile. 🙂

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