After interning in publicity with Warner Bros., Caehle wanted to diversify her business and operations experience before continuing her career in PR. She parlayed her personal interest in teaching classes at a Barre Studio into a full-time opportunity to manage the business, along with its property and staff. Missing the liveliness of an office, Caehle joined BAM to apply her operations management skills in a creative and collaborative setting, and to leverage her communications degree for work with select clients.

Best part of Caehle’s role: It’s in the daily juggle! I get to live my passion for public relations by doing media relations when I’m not hustling to a payroll or tax-related task. I’m doing everything I love.

What Caehle reads: I read the Huffington Post for its sense of humor and straight talk about what’s going on in the world. I also read daily excerpts from “Autobiography of a Yogi,” which helps me keep things in perspective.

One top career highlight: One day we realized PTO wasn’t accruing for a couple of staff. That wasn’t cool, but making that small tweak made me a superhero in the eyes of a few people! A true career high though has been overseeing BAM’s expansion to New York and Florida. Setting up new offices and dealing with new state laws is no small feat but it’s incredibly rewarding.

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