Finding Motivation Every Day

Here at BAM, we’re a big fan of the #motivationmonday movement. The Internet is full of inspiring tweets, articles and videos about how to start your week on the right foot. ¬†We even have an internal Monday morning meeting where we have a quick teaching moment to push us in the right direction for the week.

Unfortunately, Monday’s positive mantras don’t always propel us through the Wednesday slump. That’s how I found Entrepreneur contributor Jayson Demers’ piece on positive thoughts to get you through the week. With 50 perspective-shifting ideas, Demers shows how a little positive thinking goes a long way. Check out some of my favorites from the list below!

  • This is why I can – It’s not just about knowing that you can do it (whatever IT is) but that there are logical reasons why you can succeed.
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities – Take the chance to adjust based on what you’ve learned from roadblocks in the past.
  • Everything has to be earned – If it were easy, everyone would do it. You aren’t where you are right now because it was handed to you.
  • I’ll reward myself when I’m done – Treats are a great way to get yourself through any difficult task. Whether it’s small like a piece of chocolate, nice dinner or glass of wine, or a massage over the weekend, everyone deserves a little treat at the end of a long week.
  • Feelings are the product of thoughts – and those can be controlled!

Check out the full article here, for all 50 encouraging thoughts. I’ve had this article open on my computer all week, and it’s been a great reminder to make little perspective changes day-by-day. Slumps only happen if you let them! What personal mantras or motivational quips get you through a mid-week mental roadblock?

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