About Us

BAM Communications Public Relations Agency

We believe in rescuing the world’s greatest businesses from anonymity everyday.  Working with BAM Communications is the experience of gaining fame, and start-up businesses know this need all too well. At BAM Communications we specialize in start-up PR, getting the latest innovation in the hands of the media and in front of just the right consumers. We know a few things about what makes a startup PR and media “worthy” as well as how and when to take their message to the national media stage. 

There are three main reasons BAM Communications stands apart from other agencies:

  • We guarantee our results: If we don’t achieve what we said we would within the specified timeframe of the contract, then we work for free until all results are achieved. No other PR firm we know of matches this promise.
  • PR Pros, VC Minded:  We choose to do one thing exceptionally well: public relations. We’re not here to sell you 17 other “agency” services. In addition, we take equity in a select number of our clients’ companies. In fact, many of our clients use PR as a tool to attract more VC funding. We get VCs.  
  • Movers, Shakers, Breakers, and Makers are our clients: These are the people and brands we represent. Crazy founders, data divas and brilliant bravehearts like you are welcomed here.  

That’s not all that defines us. We’re also really serious about our core values:

  1. Play:  Attitude is everything, and it’s contagious.
  2. Partners:  We are not vendors.  We are not contractors.  We are partners with our clients, working together with them to create their visions.
  3. Power: Media has power, and we are a powerful team.
  4. Push:  We push ourselves to be our best, and we push our clients to be their best.
  5. Purpose: No purpose? No point. We have a clear purpose as individuals, as a company, and as representatives of leading brands.

Every one of our clients is creating value in the world. They are thinking big, creating with brilliance, disrupting with vengeance or doing good on an entirely new level. They feed us with ammunition for national news and lifestyle media, tech writers and bloggers. We bring their stories to life to capture the eyes of consumers. BAM Communications knows startup PR like no other agency, and we can guarantee our results to boot.

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