4 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Message

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A huge part of a successful PR campaign involves having a solid key message before you start telling the world about how great your company is. Larry Alton, a digital marketing specialist, shares his top 4 tips to improve your company’s message in this article. Here’s a summary of Alton’s tips:

1. Ask Productive Questions: This will help narrow down your message and highlight only what’s most important. Examples of productive questions include –

  • What problem will this solve for the customer?
  • How will this change their perspective from this day forward?
  • Why would anyone want to read the message?

2. Be Clear and Concise: Try to avoid any “fluffy” content, such as any language that is flowery and too wordy. Delete any unnecessary words and avoid using passive language to make your sentences stronger. Ask yourself some of the questions above to help you decide what to share and what to leave out when communicating your message verbally.

3. Leave the Jargon Behind: A solid message uses words and ideas that the average person understands. Using industry-specific jargon can lead to misinterpretation and confusion – the exact opposite of what you want to convey with your message.

4. Make Your Message Memorable: What’s the point of communicating if the message doesn’t stick? Creating memorable messages may be tough, but the 4Cs model makes it easy –

  • Comprehension: Make sure your audience understands the main point through repetition, concision, and simplicity.
  • Connection: There has to be value for the audience or they won’t pay attention. It’s best if your message solves a problem or elicits some form of emotional response.
  • Credibility: The person conveying the message must be believable and have an air of authenticity. It’s often best to have someone with more qualifications share the message to help it stick.
  • Contagious: The message must be able to be easily shared among and by your audience in order to develop clout. The more people read it, the more they’ll begin to adopt your message and connect with your business.

These four tips will help you understand how having a solid message can help guide you to your overall company goals.



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