What’s On Your Desk?

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The topic of many articles in business media outlets, what tops one’s desk, is seen as both an indicator of style and of productivity. Desks range from sparse and perfectly organized to messy and strewn with papers. The desks of two geniuses wouldn’t look alike, just as the minds of those differ so greatly.

As a PR professional, my desk represents a mixture of my “get it done” work approach and classic personal style.

What I keep on my desk:

  1. A notepad: I was taught early in my career that only the best journalists carry a notepad everywhere and so, if I want to work with them, I should too. (Even in the age of laptops, iPads and smartphones!)
  2. Computer, Monitor,  & Phone: Hey- you can have both. Each lives in the same home and order: monitor – computer – phone.
  3. Water bottle: Hydration is the key- to working hard, staying healthy, looking younger, better skin, you name it!
  4. Coffee (in our BAMf mug!): What says “you got this” better than a kick-ass mug full of strong, black coffee? Nada.
  5. Humorous mementoes: A honey stir stick, a peace stone, and “Holy Crap” notecards make me laugh and keep me grounded.

What keeps you on-track?


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