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We choose to do one thing exceptionally well: public relations. We’re not here to sell you 17 other “agency” services. In addition, we take equity in a select number of our clients’ companies. In fact, many of our clients use PR as a tool to attract more VC funding. We get VCs.


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“A start-up is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a better future.”

– Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, author of Zero to One

We Represent Start-Ups


Our musings, insights, how-tos and more about the world of PR.
  • A Summer of Fun, BAM Style

    The BAM gals know how to work hard, and play hard! We are committed to continuously developing as PR pros and find balance with fun BAMily outings throughout the year. Check out some of the fun happenings at BAM over the past month:


    Alicia and her cape!

    ~ Farewell ~

    In August, we wished farewell to our team member and friend, Alicia. The whole team gifted her a superhero-worthy BAM cape, signed with our love and thanks.


    “Behind every successful woman is a tribe other successful women who have her back”

    ~ TechCrunch LA Meetup & Mingle ~

    FullSizeRender (2)

    The BAM gals, taking off!



    Saramaya, Katie and Taryn attended TechCrunch’s mini-meetup at the new WeWorks location in Culver City. They had the opportunity to introduce clients to the attending tech media, mingle with fellow PR/marketing firms and promote TechCrunch Disrupt’s partnership with BAM’s awesome client, Surf Air!


    ~ A big welcome to the new BAM office pup ~


    Gisela and Clementine

    Our fabulous BAM teammate, Hannah, recently adopted a new dog and brought her into the office so we could all get some Corgi love. Meet Clementine!


    Emily and the pup







    ~ Get comfortable being uncomfortable ~


    Our founder, Beck

    Our Founder/CEO/boss babe Beck spoke at San Diego’s Creative Mornings and challenged us to participate in her practice of expanding our comfort “bubbles” by actively participating in activities that make us a little (or a lot) uncomfortable.  Learn how to take on those uncomfortable moments and watch the magic of growth and change happen!


    Brenda and Katie



    ~ Why limit happy to just an hour? ~


    One Door North

     The BAMily enjoyed several fun summer happy hours out and about at San Diego’s hottest new eateries


    Herb & Wood












  • What’s On Your Desk?

    The topic of many articles in business media outlets, what tops one’s desk, is seen as both an indicator of style and of productivity. Desks range from sparse and perfectly organized to messy and strewn with papers. The desks of two geniuses wouldn’t look alike, just as the minds of those differ so greatly.

    As a PR professional, my desk represents a mixture of my “get it done” work approach and classic personal style.

    What I keep on my desk:

    1. A notepad: I was taught early in my career that only the best journalists carry a notepad everywhere and so, if I want to work with them, I should too. (Even in the age of laptops, iPads and smartphones!)
    2. Computer, Monitor,  & Phone: Hey- you can have both. Each lives in the same home and order: monitor – computer – phone.
    3. Water bottle: Hydration is the key- to working hard, staying healthy, looking younger, better skin, you name it!
    4. Coffee (in our BAMf mug!): What says “you got this” better than a kick-ass mug full of strong, black coffee? Nada.
    5. Humorous mementoes: A honey stir stick, a peace stone, and “Holy Crap” notecards make me laugh and keep me grounded.

    What keeps you on-track?


    FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)


  • 5 Ways to Boost Productivity At Work As Summer Ends

    September blues got you down? With Fall drawing closer, it’s easy to get caught up in the gloomy “end of summer vacation” mentality we adopted as children during our school years. Beach weekends and evening barbecues are running out fast and it’s vital to stay positive, optimize your work environment and take on Fall with a good attitude. And remember – leggings? Cozy sweaters? Pumpkin everything?  Fall really isn’t all bad!

    read more



Public Relations Strategy

Messaging Developing and writing your messages for the media, campaigns and your marketing needs

Marketing Integration Integrating public relations into your overall marketing goals including event suggestions and partnership ideas

Planning Strategic consulting and PR planning from launching a Kickstarter to launching the next generation of your product


Media Relations

Strategy Determining if you should start local or go national, attend a tradeshow or offer reviews

Results  Securing editorial placements in broadcast, print and online, even bloggers

Media training To make you camera-ready for anything


Expert Positioning

Speaking Opportunities Getting you on stage in front of just the right audience

Award Submissions Earning you the credit you deserve

Media Contributor Earning you editorial spots in publications as a contributing author



  • Beck

    "Wonder Woman"
  • Mel

    Vice President of Strategy
    "The Force"
  • Gisela

    Senior Account Manager
    "Media Mademoiselle"
  • Saramaya

    Senior Account Manager
    "The Cure"
  • Emily

    Senior Account Manager
    "The Secret Weapon"
  • Daniella

    Assistant Account Manager
    "The Chameleon"
  • Brenda

    Assistant Account Manager
    "Madame Make-It-Happen"
  • Katie

    Account Coordinator
    "The Gladiator"
  • Hannah

    Account Coordinator
    "The Huntress"
  • Caehle

    Operations Manager
    "The Firecracker"
  • Whitney

    Account Manager
    "The Arrow"
  • Taryn

    Account Coordinator
    "The Magician"


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