Stories shape the world.
We shape your story.

BAM Communications is a start-up minded media relations firm that believes media matters. We represent the movers, makers, breakers, and shakers of the world.

Data-driven Results & Guaranteed Placements

That’s putting your money where your mouth is.


We represent barrier-breaking brands

Our clients challenge, change, and create entire industries.

We produce data driven results

We get results for your earned, owned, and paid strategies by using actual data.

We guarantee our media placements

If we don’t achieve what we said we would, we work for free until the job is done.



Our data driven results and novel approach to PR scale companies faster, garner investment dollars easier, and spur market dominance sooner for brands including:

“The world is not made of atoms.

 It is made of stories.”

 —Muriel Ruykeser


How we shape your story depends on the story you have and the story we uncover. A few of our tools:


  • Messaging Developing and writing your messages for the media, campaigns and your marketing needs
  • Marketing Integration Integrating public relations into your overall marketing goals including event suggestions and partnership ideas
  • Planning Strategic consulting and PR planning from launching a Kickstarter to launching the next generation of your product


  • Strategy Determining if you should start local or go national, attend a tradeshow or offer reviews
  • Results  Securing editorial placements in broadcast, print and online, even bloggers
  • Media training To make you camera-ready for anything


  • Speaking Opportunities Getting you on stage in front of just the right audience
  • Award Submissions Earning you the credit you deserve
  • Media Contributor Earning you editorial spots in publications as a contributing author

We shape our own story, too.

A few of BAM’s media results include:


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