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We guarantee our results

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We only do one thing exceptionally well: public relations. We’re not here to sell you 17 other “agency” services. In addition, we take equity in a select number of our clients’ companies, and many of our clients use PR as a tool to attract more VC funding. We get VCs.


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“A start-up is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a better future.”

– Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, author of Zero to One

We Represent Start-Ups


Our musings, insights, how-tos and more about the world of PR.
  • The BAMily Takes Balboa Park

    Long a central gathering place for San Diegans and tourists alike, Balboa Park was a fitting host for the BAMily’s July outing.

    Larger in size than New York’s Central Park and with numerous, varied attractions and museums from the San Diego ZOO to the San Diego Natural History Museum to Palm Canyon to the Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park has more-than earned it’s moniker, “Smithsonian of the West.”

    After enjoying a sunny al fresco lunch at The Prado, the BAMily broke into small groups and set out in different directions to soak-in the many cultural charms offered by Balboa Park.

    Whether you’re new to San Diego, visiting for the first time or a life-long denizen of America’s Finest City, Balboa Park has an embarrassment of riches to explore. And, thanks to ever-changing exhibitions and a varied landscape with captivating flora and fauna, you’ll always see something new!

  • 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Fall Internship

    Every beginning of August we’re reminded that the end of summer is coming with countless “back to school” displays at every store. Time to get refocused on your classes and landing that awesome internship. Now once you have landed it, what can you do to make sure you get the most out of your time there?

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  • New Hire Spotlight: Nick Lashinsky, Senior Account Manager

    Our BAMily just got a little bigger with our newest hire, Nick Lashinsky, joining the team as a Senior Account Manager. Nick is new to San Diego, but certainly not new to the wonderful world of PR. We’ve shined the spotlight on Nick to get to know him better – here’s what we learned:

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Public Relations Strategy

Messaging Developing and writing your messages for the media, campaigns and your marketing needs

Marketing Integration Integrating public relations into your overall marketing goals including event suggestions and partnership ideas

Planning Strategic consulting and PR planning from launching a Kickstarter to launching the next generation of your product


Media Relations

Strategy Determining if you should start local or go national, attend a tradeshow or offer reviews

Results  Securing editorial placements in broadcast, print and online, even bloggers

Media training To make you camera-ready for anything


Expert positioning

Speaking Opportunities Getting you on stage in front of just the right audience

Award Submissions Earning you the credit you deserve

Media Contributor Earning you editorial spots in publications as a contributing author



  • Kerry

    Account Coordinator
    "Rocket Girl"
  • Brenda

    Account Coordinator
    "Madame Make-It-Happen"
  • Melissa

    Assistant Account Manager
    "The Hit Machine"
  • Nick

    Senior Account Manager
    "Captain of Calm"
  • Mel

    Vice President of Strategy
    "The Force"
  • Beck

    "Wonder Woman"
  • Lizzie

    "Captain of Smooth Sailing"
  • Gisela

    Account Manager
    "Media Mademoiselle"
  • Emily

    Assistant Account Manager
    "The Secret Weapon"
  • Daniella

    Account Coordinator
    "The Chameleon"


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