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We have a career-cultivated team that does one thing exceptionally well:  PR.  In addition, we take equity in a select number of our client’s companies, furthering our core value of being a partner in our clients’ businesses.


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“A start-up is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a better future.”

– Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, author of Zero to One

We Represent Start-Ups


Our musings, insights, how-tos and more about the world of PR.
  • Welcome New BAM Client SAP

    We specialize in getting startups off their feet with incredible coverage in tech, business and lifestyle media. We’ve launched countless products and supported many well-funded crowdfunding campaigns but we also get the pleasure of working with well-established companies with like-minded goals.

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  • Top 5 Keys to PR Success

    Despite how much technology is constantly changing and evolving our industry, there are still certain values that successful PR pros have kept consistent throughout the years. Michael Geczi explains his own take on the fifteen keys to PR success in a recent article of his (linked here).

    Out of those fifteen, five stood out and aligned perfectly with our core values here at BAM Communications. Those top keys to success in public relations are listed below, accompanied by the our take on what each one means to us:

    1. Message, message, message

    Messaging is crucial to any great PR campaign. It sets the scene for a startup’s media debut, and must be sorted out before any company is ready to make an appearance in the spotlight. Does messaging ever change? Sure. Yet no matter what, everyone must be on the same page as it relates to how the company will be portrayed in outreach.

    2. Learning what words actually mean

     Nothing is worst than trying to sound smart by using big or trendy words incorrectly. Stick to what you know – there’s always time to build your vocabulary, and there is really no reason to fake it in the process.

    3. Owning it

    Whether it’s a first draft or a final draft, you should always try to show off your best work. It’s important to remember that your words represent both you and your company. So make it count, no matter what.

    4. Know your audience

    Paying attention to your audience is key. You should know who they are and what they are looking for in order to be able to provide exactly that for them. Knowing your audience gives you a much better chance of succeeding in the end and it is absolutely worth the extra efforts.

    5. Telling, explaining, telling

    You never know how busy someone is when they are reading through your email or listening to your voicemail. That said, a great method involves briefly telling them what you want, explaining it in further detail and then reiterating it once again, just to make sure you are being as clear as possible. This way, you aren’t wasting their time, and because of that, they will be more inclined to follow through with whatever you might need from them.

  • BAMily Spotlight: New Account Coordinator Brenda Manea

    We’re having some rapid growth here at BAM Communications, and some of that talent has been fostered since the beginning. Long-time intern rockstar, Brenda Manea, has been brought on this past month to join the full-time ranks. Check out some facts we collected from Brenda this week:

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Public Relations Strategy

Messaging Developing and writing your messages for the media, campaigns and your marketing needs

Marketing Integration Integrating public relations into your overall marketing goals including event suggestions and partnership ideas

Planning Strategic consulting and PR planning from launching a Kickstarter to launching the next generation of your product


Media Relations

Strategy Determining if you should start local or go national, attend a tradeshow or offer reviews

Results  Securing editorial placements in broadcast, print and online, even bloggers

Media training To make you camera-ready for anything


Expert positioning

Speaking Opportunities Getting you on stage in front of just the right audience

Award Submissions Earning you the credit you deserve

Media Contributor Earning you editorial spots in publications as a contributing author



  • Beck

    "Wonder Woman"
  • Lizzie

    "Captain of Smooth Sailing"
  • Jessica

    Vice President
    "Go-To Girl
    (sidekick to Wonder Woman)"
  • Gisela

    Account Manager
    "Media Mademoiselle"
  • Emily

    Assistant Account Manager
    "The Secret Weapon"
  • Daniella

    Account Coordinator
    "The Chameleon"


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